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Client Case Studies

Here are examples where we duplicate the results from the first 3 service companies we managed and how this same process works for other companies across the country.

Starting Point (3 Companies)

Managing the marketing for 3 service companies (2 Plumbing companies, and 1 Plumbing and HVAC company) allowed us to test our formula and get it to a point where we were able to bring it to market.

Pre and Post Custom Marketing Solutions

Our goal as a test was to see if we could bring down the marketing spend while increasing revenue.  We found that after analyzing our client's marketing, that for the most part, this was going to be something we could accomplish.

The First Company After Launch

It was now time to find a new home service company we could prove our process on.  This company was a well-established company with over 20 years in the market.  Again our goal was to decrease marketing spend and increase revenue  

Services Provided

We decided to bring in our core services with our clients to provide the same core service we have seen success with.   

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